Cemetery Policies

The following policies have been thoughtfully established in order to maintain the tranquility of the gardens and our commitment to perpetual care.


Garden of Memories Oxford, Autumn Woods Memorial Park and DeSoto Memorial Gardens observe one general clean-up period: Mar. 1-15. Items that you wish to retain should be removed before the start of this period and may be replaced after the first of the following month. All holiday decorations are removed no sooner than 30 days after the holiday.

Clean-up periods

Flower arrangements should be placed in the vases attached to the memorial markers. Service  flowers and other  floral arrangements will be removed when they are discolored, wilted, seasonally inappropriate or unsightly.


A small American, Confederate or military flag may be placed near the head of the grave.  The cemetery staff will remove flags and properly dispose of them when they are worn.


Only cemetery management may plant or remove  flowers, shrubs or trees.  These may not be planted on any individual grave.


  • No glass or breakable containers are allowed.

  • Trinkets and whatnots including statuary, windchimes, solar lights, signs, toys, balloons, ornaments, chairs, benches, etc. are not be allowed and may be removed.

  • No iron, wirework or other metal will be allowed.

  • Any item which is unsightly, dangerous or interferes with another interment right owner will be removed.

Prohibited items


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