Matthew Malone

Matthew Malone.jpg

Matthew Malone was born in New Albany and graduated from New Albany High School. Matthew works with Garden of Memories Oxford as a Family Service Manager, where he focuses on helping families memorialize the legacies of themselves and their loved ones. Additionally, Matthew leads the management of Garden of Memories Oxford and assists families in the process of pre-arranging burial and cremation services.

Matthew began his career in the funeral industry in 2016, working as a family service counselor just outside of Memphis. Over the course of his career, Matthew has learned the most important thing he can do for a family is listen to them. This way, he can focus on properly memorializing their loved one.

When he is not at work, Matthew enjoys traveling and spending time with his two godchildren. Matthew also spends his spare time grant writing and volunteering for non-profits, previously sitting on the board of directors for three different organizations.


Cell: 662-333-8765